Kennedy Solar Attic Fans

Kennedy Solar Attic Fans offer high performance solar ventilation backed by an industry leading limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The use of solar attic fans is a crucial aspect in maintaining an energy efficient home. Proper venting can reduce the load on your air conditioning system, saving energy costs, reducing moisture and simultaneously extend the life of your roof.

Why You Need a Solar Attic Fan

Excess moisture trapped in your attic can cause a variety of problems from rust to rot to increased bacteria and mold counts which can have a direct impact on your respiratory health! Passive vents have been a part of building codes for years but to really get the benefit of venting, soffit vents, ridge vents and louvers rely on nature to provide sufficient air pressure and air movement. So the majority of the time, your attic is stagnant and continues to build up heat and moisture. A properly installed attic fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home and save you money. Powered completely by solar energy, this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet; and since there is no electrical wiring needed, there is no need to hire an expensive electrician! 

 100% Solar Powered – No Operational Costs

 Reduce Attic Heat & Humidity

 Improve Attic Ventilation

 Reduce Energy Costs

 Extend Roof Life

What Makes Our Attic Fan Different?

Our attic fan has several premium features such as:

 Best In Class – Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

 Seamless Aluminum Housing and Flashing will not rust and corrode.

 Lightweight yet durable Aluminum Fan Blades ensures maximum airflow.

 Powder Coated Housing Inside and Out, NOT just exterior surfaces

 Tilt-able Solar Panel Ensures Optimal Solar Exposure

 Optional Automatic Thermostat


We currently offer three models in order to meet the needs of your home:

32 WATT Solar Fan – Coverage: Up to 2,200 sq. ft.

Maximum Airflow: 1,560 CFM

48 WATT Solar Fan – Coverage: Up to 2,825 sq. ft.

Maximum Airflow: 1,881 CFM

65 WATT Solar Fan – Coverage: Up to 3,350 sq. ft.

Maximum Airflow: 2,105 CFM

Check out the Kennedy Solar Attic Fan Brochure

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